Monetize Bad Debt

Collecting cash from debtors can be painful, difficult, time-consuming, and unpleasant. Particularly when they don’t have sufficient cash flow to pay their debts!  Credit Clearing Solutions has solved the dilemma with a unique collection model...

Conceived out of necessity in these troubled economic times, the CCS collection model enables debt recovery from debtor businesses that are short of cash. Unlike conventional debt collectors that destroy business relationships for meagre returns, our unique, conciliatory approach strengthens the relationship between debtor and creditor.

CCS doesn’t badger the debtor for cash that they don’t have. Instead, we ask them to pay their debt with the excess products and services that they do have. By empowering debtors to pay in kind, albeit at a premium, we have the ability to sell the discounted gift certificates received from debtors for cash, and repay the creditor 100% dollar-for-dollar, yen-for-yen, euro-for-euro, or dinar-for-dinar, of the amount they were owed.  

What makes the CCS solution even more magical, is that we drive new business from new customers to the debtor.  The gift certificates usually return with cash attached, and sometimes don't return at all.  A true win/win scenario!  The marketing value to the debtor's business is a given, which, once understood, takes the initial sting out of being asked to repay at a premium.

Submit your receivables and troubled collections by using our easy online form or A/R upload feature. If Credit Clearing Solutions can only redeem 50% of your debt value before the debtor business goes out-of-business you have still cut your losses dramatically.  We don’t buy your receivables, but rather, we work together with your debtors to facilitate resolving them in a manner that gets everyone what they want: you, your cash, and for them, more traffic.

Our friendly and helpful Credit Clearing Specialists are incentivized to make this happen, as they earn a generous 10% (in cash) of all receivables that they clear using the CCS model.  Only approved Credit Clearing Specialists can access our tracking software and advertise for new clients online.