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Accounts Payable

Creditors want cash from your company, but your business doesn’t have the cash pay the bills...

If you could only pay your bills with your products or services you could take care of all of your payable commitments easily... Right?

If your company is a member in good standing of Collective Currency, our business-to-business trading platform, we can utilize creative commerce to enable you to satisfy your creditors.

Our unique approach provides you with a Credit Clearing Specialist to go through your list of Accounts Payable, contact the creditors on your behalf, and inform that while you are unable to pay their invoice in legal tender at this time, your company has fantastic credit with our network of companies, and that you would like to offer them the opportunity to explore the possibility that there maybe products or services that they would be interested in purchasing using your good credit in the network.

It costs nothing to try, so you have nothing to lose but your debts!


You can sweeten the deal by offering your creditors a premium, at your discretion, which often closes the deal. You may also offer a premium, in kind, to the Credit Clearing Specialist that undertakes this delicate task. The amount of the premium you offer is negotiable and dependent on the amount of payables cleared. From the perspective of the Credit Clearing Specialist, this is more challenging than clearing receivables, so the premium offered should reflect the difficulty of getting your invoices paid with products or services.  Many of our Credit Clearing Specialists will perform AP Solutions on your behalf as a complimentary free service because they get new clients and more trading velocity, in addition to earning cash from servicing your AR issues.  That is between you and your independent Credit Clearing Specialist, this site does not charge anything for solving Payables, we earn trade credits on the Collective Currency transactions.