Clearing your debt

We all know that a monetary system based on negotiable debt instruments as units-of-account creates a mathematical impossibility.  The amount of currency loaned into existence is always going to be insufficient to repay the amount of debt it has created, as the interest charged never entered circulation.  That interest is then compounded in the marketplace.  The total debt is consistently more than the amount of currency available.  The only possible solution for many businesses is to start paying off their debts by monetizing their goods and services.  The value of this unsold capacity is the only thing greater than the sum of all debt.  We are not involved in collections, we are involved in credit clearing between businesses.  Sometimes you are the Creditor, sometimes you are the Debtor.  We have two separate settlement offers for you to initiate, depending on whether you require Accounts Receivable Assistance, or Accounts Payable Solutions.

To assist you with AR issues, we aim to get you back dollar-for-dollar what you are owed, in cash, from your Debtors that don't have any cash.  How do we do that?  When you upload your problem Receivables onto our ARA settlement form, an offer goes out to your Debtor to settle at 3:1 in Digital Gift Certificates.  We then sell these DGC's off to the public for cash at a 50% discount on our sister site, Dealacopia, returning 2/3 of each cash sale to your account.  As they sell, you are paid back in cash.  If they all sell, you've been paid back in full.

To assist you with your AP issues, we have another approach.  To utilize this settlement offer your business must be a member in good standing of our trading network, Collective Currency.  If you have good credit within this global network of companies you may offer your Creditors a pre-approved account for them to try and spend down your credit there to clear the debt, and you may offer them a premium to do so.